Rose Window Luggage Tag

Yay, we have a new design for a luggage tag.  It’s a new prototype too, I was wanting to find a way to keep the address hidden during travel unless physically opened to read, so I added a snap.  I think all my luggage tags will be constructed this way from now on.


The design is from a rose window on the Palatine Chapel in Naples.  I’ve been to Naples, but don’t remember visiting that specific location. We picked it because we liked the look.  Funny story, at first I couldn’t find where the image Mark sent me was from, so I uploaded it and did one of those image searches. The result told me it was a manhole cover, ha.  Would have to be a pretty fancy city to have a manhole cover like this I think.

Here’s some process shots.  First is a sketch. Then the design is transferred to the leather and cut with a swivel knife.  The design is tooled, and more decorative cuts are added after. Punch the holes, then it’s stained and sewed together.  Well, there’s really about 13 steps to each tag, I just photographed the major ones.



Ignore my kids “tent city” in the background.  It bought me about 8 uninterrupted minutes to work, and now they refuse to let me take it down. It’s driving me crazy, and I still can’t decide if it was worth it.

This luggage tag is ours to keep (woohoo!), but I’ve added a set of made to order tags to the etsy shop if anyone is interested.


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