Dogwood Cross Bible Cover

Oops, another month has passed without me posting. Sorry! Last month we all had colds, then took a two week trip to visit family and bring the kids to disneyworld for their first time.  They loved it! And I might still be recovering… Ha, no, it was really fun and exhausting, the kids are at great ages for it (3 & almost 5), and there is really nothing like seeing your favorite characters come to life.

So I’ve been hard at work at my leatherwork gearing up for Christmas and will have much more to show soon. Hin the meantime, here’s a bible cover I recently made with a cross and two dogwood flowers.

The design is similar to a pen case I made last year. The back is plain, with a strap sewn on to snap closed on the front.

I used a saddle tan dye for the overall but left the flowers natural leather color. Crazy how they almost look white in contrast.

 I forgot to take many progress shots but here’s one after I cut the design and before I tooled it.


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