2016 Christmas Ornaments

For the past few years now we’ve come up with a leather Christmas ornament for family and close friends, and while the list of people I’d like to give one to is long, I’m still limited by time without sacrificing too much sleep or playing with the kids who are with me 24/7.  So here’s the designs I came up with, a manger, and the holy family with the star behind them.

I thought I had done pretty well, and then Mark asked if he could come up with a design for the ornaments for his side of the family/friends and it is amazing.


It’s a dogwood flower in the middle which symbolizes the crucifixion (google legend of the dogwood), and the leaves behind make the shape of the cross.  20161220_092116

This one only took me about 2 hours each, ha. Here’s a picture of it just cut


And once it was tooled before dye. img_8726

Did you give or receive any special ornaments this year? I’d love to see them if so.

I know I’ve been quiet on the blog for the past month or two, some of it has to do with the secrecy of leather Christmas gifts I couldn’t share yet, but get ready because I’ve got some more posts coming up soon showing off what we’ve been up to.


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