My Tiniest Project Ever

I recently tackled my tiniest project ever.  And by tiny I do not mean easy! Ha, seriously, it was so little and tricky… I had someone ask me if I could make a personalized zipper pull for her husband because his broke. She wanted either an image of the Sacred Heart or her something of husband’s patron saint, St. Joseph on it. I actually ended up making both, I wanted to try two different styles and I wasn’t sure which would turn out better.

Stitched all the way around:


Initials on the back.20161205_135256

Simple stitching up top and some leather glue. 20161205_135340

I think this is the coolest idea ever, because how many people wear a necklace with an image like this on it? But if you don’t like necklaces or the look, here’s another way to carry a small reminder with you daily.


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