Stained Glass Handbag

We’ll I made my first leather handbag to replace the fabric purse I sewed a couple years back that I still love but was beginning to fall apart. The hardest part was figuring out the design and style I wanted, but I love love the end result. 

I tooled my stained glass window design onto it because it has the most personal significance to me. (The original sketch was drawn by Mark for a local architecture project we worked on together before I switched over to full time raising kids.) And I went for a cross body satchel type, where I can wear it hands free at the museum and shove preschooler sweatshirts inside. So glamorous. 😉

I sewed two pockets inside, one for my phone and one for my gum. 

I sewed a strap with a trigger snap to hold my keys, since the bag doesn’t zip I wanted to be 100% sure my keys didn’t slip out. 

You can see the button stud closure i used above too. 

Overall it was really fun to make and has been so useful. I did have a tricky moment when I tried to turn it right side out after stitching, I used 4-5 is leather and had to get it wet to be pliable enough, and still ended up breaking the stitches in one spot. At least I anticipated it might need to get wet and dyed it after the fact.  

Here it is inside out before being flipped. 

And here’s another progress shot before I dyed it or sewed on the hardware. 

I’m simultaneously hoping this lasts me a good long while and brainstorming for my next and how to make it even better.


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