Husband and wife, backgrounds in architecture, whatever creative things come to mind. Crafts, around the home, sewing, leather carving, kids…

Mark does the idle doodles sketches, Christina tools the leather, and most everything else is a collaboration.

People ask what got me interested in leather carving. After taking a stone carving class in the hills of Tuscany from a little old man who didn’t speak a word of English, I wanted to see what else I could carve. Played with wood carving a little, but quickly found my love for leather carving. My mom had taken a class in college and gave me some tools and a sheet of leather for Christmas. Studying architecture gave me a sense of design, then meeting and marrying Mark further inspired and pushed me to grow, as his creativity can be contagious. Now, we work together on most projects. He often comes up with the design and sometimes helps paint/dye our leather, while I do the hand-tooling. Some days it’s tricky to find the time, between working part time and watching our one and three year old full time, but it’s such a refreshing outlet.

Visit our Etsy leather shop here: etsy.com/shop/AshcraftCreative



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