DIY Stick Horses

While sanding a table in the garage last week, both kids picked up scraps of wood and started riding them like horses, cracking up laughing at the fun.  So of course we made them stick horses for their Easter present.


I followed this tutorial and pattern (I sewed ugly sides of the fabric together to hide the seams) and this for the mane. All the fabrics I used I had on hand so that was a plus, I only had to buy some ribbon.  The white is an upholstery fabric, and the blue is from some ripped old corduroy pants I’ve been holding onto for, um, 11 years, just waiting for the right project.  And now I sound like a crazy person.  Please tell me someone else does this too?

I couldn’t help myself, and used some leather on the bridle.  Sewed some button eyes, a flower on our daughters, a pvc pipe we found in the garage, tennis balls on the bottom so they don’t scrape up the floors, and tada!

IMG_0118 IMG_0119

The kids LOVED them, seriously, they are riding them everywhere all through the house all day long. And the almost two year old is kissing and hugging hers a bunch too of course.

IMG_0129Not bad for costing me $1.97…


Update: A good friend who is learning to sew came over and made her own stick horses. See how hers turned out HERE and how much her boys love them.


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